Zero Down Homebuyer Programs

Many apartment dwellers and potential homeowners are unaware of the many zero down payment homebuyer programs available to the general public. That's because many realtors and "prestigious" real estate companies are not all that interested in assisting homebuyers in purchasing homes in the affordable housing price range.

At ARG Apartment Locators we are committed to your life cycle housing needs. For almost 20 years the founder of our company Mauricio Lemos III MBA has been exclusively focusing on and working in the affordable housing industry.

ARG Apartment Locators can match you to one of many zero down payment homebuyer programs including but not limited to VA, Texas Vet, USDA or FHA with down payment assistance. New and pre-owned homes qualify for these programs. A list of distressed new home inventory with builder down payment participation is also available. Ascendant Realty Group is also a HUD registered broker; consequently we can also assist you in purchasing HUD and VA foreclosures in your area. HUD foreclosures require only a $100 down payment.

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